"Joining gyms did not work for me. But you motivated me to come. Your style fits my needs. You're understanding and always willing to work with me."
— Toby


My goal is to guide and educate my clients to enjoy and appreciate the benefits of exercise and a healthy lifestyle for their minds, bodies, and spirit. I help my clients acquire the individualized tools they need to attain their fitness goals, make positive changes in their lifestyles, discover movements and activities that spark passion and joy, and feel motivated and equipped to exercise comfortably and capably on their own.

My studio, located on a quiet street bordered by a garden that can be seen from the glass doors of the studio, is designed to accommodate a variety of workout programs. These include low impact cardio on an elliptical trainer, traditional weight training on a bench, and exercises using stability balls, medicine balls, Bosu balance trainer, bands and tubing, dumbbells, and the open floor space. Enjoy the personal and intimate environment for personal training or small group classes (limit 4).