"I really appreciate how Susan customizes her fitness classes for her clients. I can personally speak to this since I have been able to do her classes even through my pregnancy! She combines strength training and cardio in a way that both challenges and motivates me to get the most out of each class. Also, I like that Susan's classes are small enough that she can monitor each person and ensure that we are using proper form for all the exercises. I highly recommend her classes to people of all fitness levels!"
— Jenny


If you would like to sign up, please contact me with your name, phone number, and email address, and if you are interested in the Exercise 101 class, the Body Sculpt class, or Personal Training. Please also fill out the following forms:

  • Health Status Questionnaire
  • Physician's Referral Form
  • Par-Q form
  • Contract
  • Waiver
  • Classes

    Exercise 101, 5 weeks - $115 ($23/class)
    Body Sculpt, 5 weeks - $115 ($23/class)
    2 Classes /5 weeks $210 - ( $21/ class)
    Single class $25 if space available

    Personal Training

    1 Session* $90
    10 Sessions $855

    Semi Private Training (2 people)

    1 Session* $50 per person
    10 Sessions $460 per person

    *Each session is 1 hour