"I LOVE this class! I feel so lucky to get such an individualized workout with such a great personal trainer. She targets all the right areas and makes sure that every exercise is done safely and correctly. As opposed to a big class at the gym where no one is really focusing on how I am doing a particular exercise, this class is all about doing each exercise, from push ups to bicep curls, correctly. Susan also mixes it up each week so we never get bored of the same exercises. She also makes the workout do-able and at the end I know i've had a great workout and was able to complete the whole thing. I am so grateful to have discovered this class and look forward to it every week!"
— Hetty

"I really appreciate how Susan customizes her fitness classes for her clients. I can personally speak to this since I have been able to do her classes even through my pregnancy! She combines strength training and cardio in a way that both challenges and motivates me to get the most out of each class. Also, I like that Susan's classes are small enough that she can monitor each person and ensure that we are using proper form for all the exercises. I highly recommend her classes to people of all fitness levels!"
— Jenny

"Susan invests quite a bit of thought in planning out exercise sequences that somehow never seem repetitive from one session to the next — a combination of aerobic, balance, resistance, and stretching activities with an emphasis on core-muscle engagement. The various individual physical issues that each of us brings to our sessions are also addressed, which makes the classes feel almost "custom designed" by our own personal trainer. I especially enjoy this individualized attention and truly appreciate Susan's conscientiousness in reinforcing the concepts of body mechanics that are so invaluable for us to incorporate in our daily posture and movement.  Through her upbeat and motivational teaching style, we learn subtle incremental techniques that we hope will bring about a lifelong positive transformation!"
— Vivi

"Susan was very good at tailoring a program to meet my needs."
— Susan

"Joining gyms did not work for me. But you motivated me to come. Your style fits my needs. You're understanding and always willing to work with me."
— Toby

"I have been training with Susan Fink for over a year, focusing on walking, balance and steps. Aside from the progress I have made, I have found Susan to be very encouraging and pleasant to work with. There are new experiences and challenges each week. I look forward to going every week. Each week's program is planned and structured to fit my needs. I am forever grateful."
— Adaire

"Susan helps you with training yourself how to live a more healthy and active lifestyle. She helps you build your confidence with exercise and small goals that you attain through becoming more fit. If you are looking for a fun, challenging and inspiring workout, Susan will help you get there!"
— Morgan

"I have been training with Susan for a couple of years now. The exercise program she designs especially for me is always stimulating and fun!I am in much better shape now overall than I was before I started her program She is always encouraging and enthusiastic."
— Mindy

"I have to tell you that I know that training with you in addition to the yoga has made a huge difference in managing my injuries. I know how to get in and out of a car using my leg muscles in a squat: how to get in and out of bed and use the strength in my arms and core. I’m very grateful….So thank you. Fitness matters for everything."
— LH